Feeling Stressed: A Self-Reg Mini-Course for Teens

Feeling Stressed: A Self-Reg Mini-Course for Teens

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Release Date: Feb 8, 2021

The teenage years are a crucial stage in human development. Not only are young people making the all-important transition between childhood and adulthood, they are becoming more active agents in shaping their own lives. How do we support them at this key point in their development, when so many teens are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-doubt and emerging addictions? How do we help teens recognize the influences on their thinking, mood, behaviour and choices: influences they are often unaware of. Dr. Stuart Shanker says the key is helping adolescents understand stress, how they are affected by excess stress and what they can do about it. 

Feeling Stressed is a new TMC course that will help teenagers truly understand stress and how they are influenced by it, while giving them the tools to respond to, and even thrive in the face of the stresses in their lives.

Teenage learners will be guided through a video-based, online program consisting of 8 modules ~15-30 minutes in length: 

  • So What is Stress?
  • Self-Reg, Self-Control and The Brain
  • The Brain-Body Response to Stress
  • How To Recognize Excess Stress: An Introduction to the 5 Domains of Stress
  • The 5 Steps of Self-Reg
  • Using the 5 Steps in Everyday Life
  • Managing Exam Stress With Self-Reg
  • The 3 Rs of Self-Reg: Relationships, Restoration and Resiliency

In addition, this course provides access to The Stressed Detective Mini-Movie Course as well as extensive additional resources for the adults in their lives to support teens on their Self-Reg learning journey:

  • The Stressed Detective Mini-Movie Course
    • Take their learning beyond the screen with Parent and Educator Stressed Detective Supporting Activities
  • Webinars with Dr. Stuart Shanker
    • Introduction to Self-Reg
    • No Child Left Behind 
    • What are "Limbic Brakes" and Why is This Idea So Important for Educators and Parents? 
    • and more!
  • Self-Reg 5 Step Profile Video Guides for Your Students, Groups & Yourself
  • Various Self-Reg videos, blogs, tools & infosheets focused on Teen Self-Regulation

Feeling Stressed can be taken by individuals or educator-led class groups. Parents and educators are welcome to take this course as well to further their understanding of Self-Reg in the teenage years. 

  • Individual Teen or Parent - $50
  • Individual Teacher (single group log in for use in a single classroom) - $250
  • Individual School (single group log in for use at a single school site) - $600

*A limited number of equity priced registrations are available annually for those who are paying for this offering personally. We do ask that if you are a funded organization or if you are receiving funding to cover the cost of your registrations, that you leave the lower-priced registrations for those that do not have funding.

Once purchased, you will have access until July 2021, corresponding to the 2020/2021 school year.

This course will be hosted through our online eSchool. Group registrations will receive a single shareable log in. See our eSchool technical requirements here

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