Self-Reg Parenting Course

Self-Reg Parenting Course

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Self-Reg Parenting is an online course that shows parents how to apply Shanker Self-Reg® in their day-to-day parenting.

This course, offered in a self-directed format through TMC’s e-school, explains the principles of Shanker Self-Reg®, and practical ways parents can use Self-Reg to:

  • gain a whole new understanding of their child’s behaviour and how to respond to it
  • learn the impacts of excess stress on children’s behaviour and mood
  • come to grips with their own stress and how it affects their parenting
  • identify and address the subtle and hidden stressors that affect children in ways that parents might not realize
  • find out how other parents use Self-Reg strategies to deal with real-life parenting situations and problems

*NEW* Group purchase option now available! Receive a shareable log in and a facilitator's guide for you to lead the course in your community. 

Once purchased, the learner will have access to the course for a 6 month period in order to complete the course.

This course is designed for parents to dip their toes into Shanker Self-Reg and learn some of the basics and how they apply to parenting. This course is one of the shortest and best value that we offer, however, we do recommend our Foundations Certificate Program, ECD Program and our Facilitator’s Program for those who would like an in-depth understanding of Shanker Self-Reg, direct engagement with course content, and the tools to tackle all situations with Self-Reg and soft eyes. Unfortunately, this course is unable to offer clinical advice, nor provide immediate solutions for the application of Self-Reg in extreme circumstances.

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After registering please give at least 2 business days to be set up on the course, as we enroll every user manually. 

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