Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program

Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program

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Working in the early years, you have undoubtedly encountered children with all kinds of different temperaments. And, no doubt, you have likely worked with some tots whose temperaments would be described as “difficult.” What do we make of kids like that, or more to the point, how do we work with them? Dr. Stuart Shanker reframes the idea of difficult temperament and much more in TMC’s online course for early childhood educators. This course will show you how to revolutionize your practice by understanding, and responding to, the unique and sometimes hidden stressors that shape the caregiving and learning experiences—and hence, the temperaments of the children you work with.

This certificate program explores child development from birth to age 10 and is relevant for anyone who has or works with young children, neurodiverse children, challenging children or children with special rights or needs. Join our 500+ learners who have earned this certificate in roles that include: early childhood educators, education assistants, early years professors, K-3 teachers, researchers, principals, SLPS, psychologists, counsellors, behaviour specialists and program support teachers, just to name a few. 

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Immediately after registering, you will receive your confirmation of enrollment/receipt. We will then be in contact a few days before the course start date with a welcome and information about logging into our eSchool. 

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