Applied Self-Reg for Education Assistants

Applied Self-Reg for Education Assistants

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Digital & Print* Pre-Order - All those who pre-order the book will be invited to join Kristin Wiens and Susan Hopkins for a free webinar on the foundations of Self-Reg for EAs once the digital version is released. 


In today's demanding educational landscape, the role of Educational Assistants (EAs) is more crucial than ever. Every day, these dedicated professionals navigate numerous responsibilities, collaborating to support diverse student needs across various educational settings. EAs inspire and nurture students, influencing their trajectories in profoundly positive ways. Kristin Wiens' book highlights the pivotal roles EAs play, celebrating their dedication and the significant impact they have on student success and well-being.

With decades of experience supporting students and EAs, and as a former EA herself, respected educational leader Kristin Wiens shares her wealth of knowledge in Self-Reg for Education Assistants. This book combines Kristin's personal stories, effective strategies, and professional expertise in Shanker Self-Reg®, offering an accessible and practical resource for EAs. It's designed to acknowledge and support the multifaceted roles EAs balance each day, enhancing their ability to make a meaningful difference. This accessible and practical guide is crafted specifically for EAs, recognizing the numerous roles they navigate and providing valuable insights to enhance their important work every day.

Noting a gap in  professional development tools, Kirstin’s packed resource provides:

  • The Science of Self-Regulation: Understanding neurological and psychological foundations.

  • Identifying Stressors: Recognizing and managing classroom stressors.

  • Creating a Supportive Environment: Establishing a calm and conducive learning atmosphere.

  • Practical Techniques: Implementing everyday strategies for student wellbeing and success.

  • Collaborating with Teachers: Enhancing teamwork for cohesive support.

  • Addressing Diverse Needs: Tailoring approaches for all students.

  • Building Emotional Resilience: Helping students develop coping skills.

  • Self-Care for EAs: Maintaining personal wellbeing while supporting students.


* All those who pre-order the printed book will have free access to the digital version Sept 15, 2024 on our Shanker Self-Reg Learning Hub.