Reframing Bullying Webinar Series

Reframing Bullying Webinar Series

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CARE Begets CARE; Lack of CARE Begets Bullying

With Stuart Shanker

Join Stuart Shanker in this enlightening Reframing Bullying webinar series as we dive deep into the complexities of bullying behaviour and explore transformative strategies to reshape our approach. Through cutting-edge science, personal anecdotes, and a focus on Self-Reg, this series will empower you with valuable insights and practical tools to make a positive impact in addressing bullying.

Each one hour webinar will:

  • Be comprised of a 40 minute talk from Stuart Shanker and a Q & A period facilitated by Susan Hopkins.
  • Be linked together with a resource for participants to track their learning and the interconnections between each webinar.

 By the end of the series, you can expect to:

  • Unravel the roots of bullying behavior and understand its link to the concept of anomie
  • Discover the profound impact of homeostatic imbalances in the Gray Brain and the role of self-regulation in rekindling empathy.
  • Explore the Yin-Yang dynamics of self-regulation and its role in tackling intricate bullying behaviors
  • Gain knowledge of the neurobiological framework behind aggression, including SEEKING and RAGE Primitive Emotion Circuits (PECs).
  • Understand the dynamics of the Bullying Cycle and the internal conflicts that perpetuate it
  • Examine the role of PLAY and LUST in bullying dynamics, including pleasure and pain regulation and the interplay between desire and frustration.
  • Explore oxytocin's influence in reducing bullying tendencies and suppressing stress hormones.
  • Uncover the missing piece in understanding bullying: empathy and the CARE system
  • Discover the surprising connection between bullying, narcissism, and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)
  • Consider the erosion of social and moral norms in society and the role of the Gray Brain in suppressing empathy.
  • Explore the transformative power of the Self-Reg heuristic "No such thing as a bad kid" and its role in changing trajectories
  • Gather strategies for nurturing Interbrains and restoring homeostatic balance to address complex issues.


Reframing Bullying Webinars:

Webinar 1: Lack of CARE Begets Bullying

Webinar 2: The Yin-Yang of Self-Regulation

Webinar 3:The Roots Aggression

Webinar 4: The Bullying Cycle

Webinar 5: The Neurobiology of the PLAY and LUST Circuits in Bullying Dynamics

Webinar 6: The Missing Piece

Webinar 7: The Not-So-Hidden Epidemic

Webinar 8: Reframing Bullying - No Such Thing as a Bad Kid