Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program

Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program

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Dr. Stuart Shanker says ECEs (early childhood educators) have the most important job in the world. Therefore one of the best ways to invest in our children’s future is to invest in our ECEs. The Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Program is a great way to do just that. 

Our 3-course online program explores child development from birth to age 10. It gives learners a new and more complete understanding of the factors that affect early development, by looking at development and learning through the lens of Self-Reg. Self-Reg is Dr. Stuart Shanker’s framework for understanding stress and managing energy and tension, in order to support self-regulation. 

As we know, young children are already capable. Our job as adults is to create the relationships and experiences that enable all children to explore and grow their capabilities. Supporting their self-regulation—understanding and addressing children’s stress (and our own)—is the key.

The program is relevant for all professionals and parents who care for and work with young children, including children with special needs and challenges. There are no tests, quizzes or exams in this program, rather this offering is for educational purposes where we interact and learn alongside fellow learners. Over 500 passionate learners have completed this course: ECEs, educational assistants, K-3 teachers, researchers, principals, speech language pathologists, psychologists and behaviour specialists. Join us and discover the core underpinnings of Self-Reg. Learn new ways to understand and respond to challenges in behaviour, temperament, learning and much more.

You will be guided through a three-course, 12-module online program focusing on:
Course 1: Self-Reg in the Early Years

  • The Interbrain and Self-Reg
  • The Interbrain in Early Childhood Education
  • The Triune Brain and Self-Reg
Course 2: Self-Reg Reframe of Human Development
  • Optimal Self-Regulation: Seeking Red Brain - Blue Brain Balance
  • Reframing Temperament
  • Reframing Attachment
  • Reframing Personality
Course 3: The Inestimable Impact of the Self-Reg ECE
  • Unpacking Intelligence
  • Reframing Intelligence
  • Foundations Building
  • The Self-Reg ECE

One module is released every Tuesday after the course start. Take part whenever over the week suits you best. Each module takes ~3-5 hrs to complete. The whole certificate takes approximately 4 months with a 1 week break between each of the 3 courses. 

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate identifying you have completed the Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program and may now refer to yourself as a Shanker Self-Reg® Champion.


Immediately after registering, you will receive your confirmation of enrollment/receipt. We will then be in contact a few days before the course start date with a welcome and information about logging into our eSchool. 

Do you have a group of 25+ learners? We are able to run private online cohorts for your team with flexible start dates. Email us at with what you would love to see and we'll make it happen.

See our course calendar here.

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