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Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Certificate

Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Certificate

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Every educational leader has always had the same goal: a school in which everyone flourishes – not just academically, but socially, psychologically and morally. It’s the HOW that has always proved challenging, and now more so than ever. School leaders today are confronted with behavioural, emotional, and cognitive challenges far in excess of what their predecessors had to contend with. It is a HOW that requires, not just inspirational rhetoric and fortitude, but a deep understanding of why these problems are occurring and how they can be met and mastered.

This 12-module program has been developed specifically for school leaders: with the knowledge and guidelines needed for their school to become a centre of deep learning, in all its many facets. For more information about the course click here.

This is the companion course for the Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook For Educators. A Principals edition copy of the Handbook is required for this course and is available through Pearson here.