Self-Reg for Education Assistants

Self-Reg for Education Assistants

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Level 1 Certificate Program 

Education Assistants (EAs) serve as the unsung heroes of the educational system, providing invaluable support to students with unwavering dedication, knowledge, and heart. From guiding students in their earliest learning stages to navigating the complexities of secondary education, their influence reverberates throughout every classroom and corridor, profoundly shaping the educational journey of countless students.

In the course "Self-Reg for Education Assistants," participants embark on a transformative journey spanning 12 modules over 3 months. Learners will delve into the nuances of Shanker Self-Reg®, refine their abilities in reframing behaviour, identifying and mitigating stressors, and enhancing brain-body state awareness. Additionally, they learn techniques for restoring energy, focus, relationships, and hope. By the journey's end, participants will enhance their understanding and application of Self-Reg and develop a comprehensive toolkit of new strategies and insights to apply in their daily work and within their schools. This course is a collaboration between The MEHRIT Centre and Kristin Wiens, whose upcoming book, brimming with new graphics and strategies, is set for publication by TMC in fall 2024 and forms an integral part of the curriculum.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting book coming soon and Register today for Cohort 1!