Self-Reg Learning Facilitator's Program

Self-Reg Learning Facilitator's Program

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A Self-Reg Level 2 Certificate Program*

For those looking to dive deeper in their Shanker Self-Reg® learning and be equipped with the tools to bring Self-Reg to those in their community and care, the Self-Reg Facilitator’s Program is a fantastic next step. Anyone who has completed the Self-Reg FoundationsEarly Childhood Development and/or Leadership Certificate Program and is interested in taking their Self-Reg expertise to the next level may apply. The demand for Shanker Self-Reg® learning informed by The MEHRIT Centre is growing.

To meet the demand and our mission of grounding living and learning in self-regulation we are offering this program so that champions in Shanker Self-Reg® knowledge translation* will be widely available. Through this program:

  • Further ground your understandings of the Shanker Self-Reg® science and research foundations of The Shanker Method®.
  • Develop expertise in the Self-Reg Framework and application of the Shanker Method®.
  • Apply the Shanker Method® to case studies across a range of contexts.
  • Research, plan, develop, deliver*, assess and evaluate Self-Reg workshops.
  • Earn a Self-Reg Learning Facilitator Certificate.
  • Be eligible to apply for presenter and facilitator positions available with TMC - *Canada only

*Please see TMC’s Terms of Use - this program does not grant certificate holders the use of Shanker Self-Reg® Trademarks, IP, copyright or other resources for for-profit usage.



  • The Facilitator's program combines a collection of short videos from Dr. Stuart Shanker, a collaborative inquiry model, and case studies.
  • Using a facilitated cohort model similar to that in the Self-Reg Foundations program, the Facilitator's Program has 6 courses:
    • 1 for each step of the 5 Step Method,
    • 1 integrated application courses.
  • No tests, quizzes or exams in this program, rather this offering is for educational purposes where we interact and learn alongside fellow learners.



    Each of the 6 courses has four modules.  Each module is 1 week long with a (short) pre and post-module task.  The modules are designed to take approximately 5 hours each to complete.

    • Pre-Module Quiz or Task
    • Module 1: Digging Deeper
    • Module 2: Applying the Science (individuals)
    • Module 3: Applying the Science (groups)
    • Module 4: Extending the Learning
    • Post-Module Quiz or Task

    For a detailed module course breakdown visit our Course Calendar here

    See the technical requirements for our eSchool here

    *Note: The Self-Reg FoundationsEarly Childhood Development and/or Leadership Certificate Program is a prerequisite for taking this course.  

    Note: If you are purchasing this program on behalf of someone else please contact with their name and email address.

    Immediately after registering, you will receive your confirmation of enrollment/receipt. We will then be in contact a few days before the course start date with a welcome and information about logging into our eSchool. 

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